What we do

We strive to deliver the best in electronic products and services. Total Electric is just that, total focus on electronics, whether it is Residential, Commercial or Industrial needs. Total Electric is here to make sure that your home or business is safe and stress free. Our extensive knowledge in the building of and implementation of C-Bus control and management systems ensures that you’re only provided with the only the most up-to-date and best electronics in the industry.



The factory's equipment might need an upgrade - and Total Electric will be there every step of the way, to bring about quick and efficient installation. Our aim is to make sure that your business is never disrupted by any new installations.

Comms and Networks

Cabling of electrical equipment, and the factory's networking, are imperative to keep the "engine running" - at full speed. Total Electric has great range of cabling solutions available, to help meet any needs and problems your business may come into.

OH & S

In a factory: safety is at the top of every list. Think about all that dangerous equipment and electrical wiring in and around the workplace! Total Electric's thorough checklist will always make sure that your safety procedures are to the highest standard and up-to-date; making sure you and your employees are in a safe environment.


A factory has a massive output of carbon emissions each year, which can be detrimental to the environment. Total Electric can advise on and install a range of solar solutions to your workplace. Solar can be an important factor for your business - as having a green business can also mean fewer expenses such as bills and taxes, today and in the future.


Having issues with electrics or electronics around the factory? Total Electric will not let you down as we guide you through any problems the workplace may be having. We will be ready to fix and maintain any and all electronics around the workplace, making sure that there are absolutely no electronics failures during the business operating hours and its hours of close. Our thorough checking process will make sure that all technology at your workplace is functioning properly.

Access Control

Needing to keep a record of employees on site - or trying to keep the site secure? Total Electric offers fantastic technology to make looking after employees much more efficient. With smart technology like a swipe card or employee ID systems, your business and its employees will be much safer and secure, with the addition of this great technology.