What is C-Bus?

C-Bus control and management: the top of the line systems designed by Clipsal to make homes and workplaces easier to access, give boost and cover to safer practices, and generally make your home or workplace a better place, to live, work or play in. C-Bus is the world’s most reliable technology in home automation - to improve your lifestyle both at work and at home.


The C-Bus system is designed to assist with controlling electrical systems and products using a remote control. C-Bus will allow appliances at home to turn on at the flick of a button.

Coming back from work? Need to turn the driveway lights on and open the garage door as you arrive home? - Total Electric and C-Bus have it under control. Need to pre-heat the oven ready to cook dinner, as you walk in the door? With the flick of a switch, Total Electric and C-Bus have got you covered! This amazing technology ticks all the boxes for everything you could want in your home, as an intelligently automated system. But the biggest tick we can give is also the ability C-Bus offers to help conserve more energy. It’s a fantastic system that can scratch the dollars off your bill and also help keep our environment sustainable!