What is C-Bus?

C-Bus control and management the top of the line systems designed by Clipsal for making homes and workplaces easier to access, give boost and cover to safer practices and just making your home or workplace a more efficient place to work and play. C-Bus is the world’s most reliable technology in home automation that is intended to improve your lifestyle at work and at home.


C-Bus provides a critical addition to maintaining an efficient workplace environment. As with commercial businesses, our industrial servicing offers a workplace that will help keep your employees happy and safe but also keep work flow, even at its peak, stress-free.

Having trouble keeping records on employee attendance? Total Electric and C-Bus can set up your employees with access control, with swipe card and ID systems designed to ensure everything is going right within the business.

Need to give the factory life before the day starts? With just the push of a button, you can bring your machinery to life and ready to go - for your employees to jump right in and start working.

Worried about your carbon emissions and their effect on the environment, or the impact of emissions cost on your business? Having Total Electric install C-Bus systems into your factory can drastically reduce the emissions your business outputs each day, making your business a green business!