What is C-Bus?

C-Bus control and management the top of the line systems designed by Clipsal for making homes and workplaces easier to access, give boost and cover to safer practices and just making your home or workplace a more efficient place to work and play. C-Bus is the world’s most reliable technology in home automation that is intended to improve your lifestyle at work and at home.


For commercial clients, C-Bus works in a similar way as for residences. C-Bus can tighten the security of your business with automated surveillance technology systems. It can also provide efficient systems to ensure stable work day-to-day flow.

Want to ensure your business is always under your careful eyes, with the most sophisticated technology today? C-Bus has systems that can gauge any change in conditions.

Do you want to finish the day with peace of mind? With the flick of a switch you can lock everything on the premises and secure everything and anything precious to maintaining the business. Total Electric and C-Bus have got you covered!

Total Electric is ready to make sure your business maintains outstanding service and safety practices, by providing the most up-to-date and secure technology. Total Electric gets an environmental tick here too! - our commercial-side technology is also extremely effective in keeping electricity costs and carbon emissions at their very lowest.